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“Give thanks to the Lord who is good, whose love is everlasting” Psalm 118

This refrain sums up my soul as I reflect on Eremos becoming a Texas Charitable not-for- profit organization 18 years ago. May 8, 1996 we received our Incorporation papers and my heart still sings a song of gratitude as I remember that day.

Often when people tell me they are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, I encourage them to reflect over the years to see the thread that has been consistent. It tells them something about the soul of who they have been, who they are, and who they will continue becoming. It is a thread that is weaved through all the stories, all the events and all the challenges that make up their dance of life.

I used that wisdom for myself as I pondered the 18 years of Eremos. “What has been the consistent thread weaving through these years?”

God’s love is Everlasting.

In response to being loved, God called Eremos to be an instrument of love to others.

To the tired, the weary, the overworked, the vulnerable God sent Eremos with an invitation to people: ‘step back from your busy lives and behold the Love that is your life.’ It was such a simple calling. Eremos would remind people that being touched and renewed by Love we would become more able to live a life of love more fully.

18 years of the ebb and flow of people’s lives. Eremos embraced births and deaths, illnesses, hopes and dreams, marriage and divorce. And through it all God has whispered to each person ‘I love you.’ And through all the ups and downs of Eremos God has said: ‘my love is everlasting’.

Celebrate with us as we give thanks for these 18 years. God is truly faithful and we give thanks for this faithful Love.

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