A Mother’s Day

 In Reflections

It was late at night.  I sat in ICU waiting room while the nurses worked on a precious woman whom I was visiting.  I was there waiting – just waiting for the nurses to be finished, waiting for the next report on how she was doing, waiting for her husban to return, waiting for the miracle from God we were praying to receive.

As I sat there, a woman saw me and came tentatively into the space I was occupying.  Her question was ‘do you work here?’  I could see her disappointment when I told her that I did not.  “I am so alone and don’t have anyone to talk with.  I don’t know what is happening to my daughter who just had surgery.”  She said she didn’t want a chaplain all she wanted to know was why her son-in-law wasn’t there with her.  She sat down and began to pour out her heart, her fears and her frustration.  The surgeon came with information, her phone rang and I stepped away.

Hours later I returned to the waiting room and found her on the phone again.  She turned to me and said:  “there was an angel in the room when I gave birth to Sarah and tonight you were the angel in my room as I give her back to God.”  With a huge embrace, I felt her surrender into her new role as mother.

I am always in awe as the devotion and dedication I see in the lives of the mothers I know through Eremos.  Today I pray out of a new experience of a mother.  What a gift to the world and to the children of the world each of you is.  With much admiration and thanksgiving I bless you in the heart of God.

May your ‘Mother’s Day’ be filled with joy and blessings.

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