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“To awaken is not about staying in the same place and seeing, from there, new vistas. Nor is it about having enlightened insights or realizing new thoughts or ideas. It is to find myself in the new vista, looking back at my former life with an entirely new set of eyes. It is, literally, to be changed; the spirit within becomes my sight.” – Paula D’Arcy.

When I come home from a trip to new and inspiring vistas, I see my home and life differently. As if I have a new set of eyes, I find myself more open to the beauty and wisdom I could not see before. And, I have more compassion for myself and others.

While my travels and spiritual practices have not brought me fully to the awakened state Paula D’Arcy describes, I know these experiences have moved me closer to having the spirit within animating my gaze, hearing, and other senses. Not yet feeling comfortable to travel because of the pandemic, I now seek poetry, music, inspirational reading, and prayers to help me awaken with new eyes every morning.

As I consciously seek to shift my awareness from worries about the election and “them” (anyone who plans to vote for different candidates) to the present moment, Paula’s wisdom now has me also remembering everyone has the spirit within.

At any given moment, we are simply at different places on the path toward the spirit within becoming our sight.

How are you moving through election season with peace and grace?

May you pause often to close your eyes, sense the Divine within, and then open to a fresh, peaceful gaze on the world around you.

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