A Road From My Soul

 In Reflections

“There is a road from my Soul to my Heart. My Heart stays awake, keeps this road open.
–Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, translation by Dr. Nevit O. Ergin

There is so much coming at us right now. Spiritual leaders have pointed to the awareness that the mind can’t always handle rapid change and being bombarded by new information for years. The wisdom offered by Rumi reminds me of my source of calm and moments of clarity.

If I set my intention to keep the road between my soul and my heart open, I can trust I will receive the wisdom I need when I need it. Of course that assumes I make time to feed my soul, open my heart, and listen for the wisdom I need.

What helps you create and maintain an open road between your soul and your heart? Closing my eyes, putting my hand on my heart, and pausing to consciously breathe deeply helps me. Right now it feels like a lifeline and I can’t do it often enough.

May the road between your soul and your heart be open and may you heed the wisdom and grace that travels along it.

The Untroubled Quietude

“Withdraw to the untroubled quietude deep within the soul, and refresh yourself.”

Marcus Aurelius

Living with Discernment

“The practice of living with discernment invites us to slow down and to reflect. One way to begin incorporating discernment into your life is to practice a prayer of recollection daily. This is a simple way of reviewing the day’s events, remembering what happened in a twenty-four-hour period and prayerfully noticing what might have been overlooked.

A prayer of recollection allows us to bring eyes to see and ears to hear to the dailiness of our lives. By taking the time to ‘collect’ all of the bits and pieces of our day, we receive what we have been given.”

— Mary Earle, The Desert Mothers (emphasis added)
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