A Simple Practice from Dianna Amorde

 In Return to Center

Hello, my name is Dianna, and I have the honor and pleasure of being the executive director of Eremos, a center of contemplative life. 

Like many, I have felt the stress and sometimes anxiety of the challenges that we’re facing in the world and the changes in my work and life because of the pandemic. A simple practice. It’s deceptively easy. Has made all the difference in the world to me in those moments when I find myself incredibly stressed. 


I simply put my hand on my heart. 

And I close my eyes. 

And I focus on my breath. 

And the beat of my heart. 


And when I really feel I need it, I tell myself  –

it’s OK. 

It’s OK. 

Everything is going to be OK. 

You’re OK. 


And sometimes when I need it, I repeat to myself,

I love you. 

I love you. 

I love you. 


These simple words of comfort and assurance, my hand in my heart and focused on slowing my breath makes all the difference in the world. And I find after doing this for only a few minutes. That a sense of peace enters my body, mind and spirit. And I’m able to calmly move forward. 

And maybe if it’s a stressful day, I need to do this four or five times a day. It doesn’t matter how often or how little I do it, it makes a huge difference. 

I hope this is a practice that you’ll incorporate, or if it’s something that you’ve done already, you’ll remember how beautiful it is and powerful it can be. 

Take good care.

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