A Spring to Savor

 In Reflections

“The smallest plant life in spring reveals to us both the challenge of being a spirit in human form and the quiet courage necessary to grow inwardly. For this is our deepest calling: how to turn light into food.”

–Mark Nepo


Like savoring a delicious meal, I find myself enjoying the gift of  this spring in ways I never have before. After a year of a devastating pandemic, turmoil in our country, and a brutal deep freeze that brought Texas to its knees, how beautiful it is to see the bluebonnets come again.

Arriving a little later than usual, still they arise and remind us of the inner strength of even the most tender and fragile of things.

Even as we continue to grieve the loss of loved ones to COVID-19, the horrific shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, and the too many other ways loved ones leave us too soon, spring still comes.

As Mark Nepo says so beautifully, “For like the nubs of shoots yet to break ground, we can’t help it. Something in our very fiber knows where the light is, even when we can’t see it.”

May the light and beauty of Spring 2021 nourish and renew your spirit. And may you savor the blessing and miracle of every bud opening, flower blooming, and leaf growing.


“As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but nature’s sources never fail.” ― John Muir

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