A Time of Loss

 In Reflections

“There is so much death around me these days” a woman said to me yesterday. As I reflected on her statement, two others said something similar later that day. I could hear the heartache in each of the people whose lives seem to be filled with the grief of death and dying. I watch our Oak trees begin to drop their seeds and leaves. I watch the squirrels scurry to gather their food supplies for the winter. I visit the local hospital and watch the elderly struggle to walk down the hall. I listen to the news and hear of car crashes, children shooting children, wars being waged – yes there is indeed ‘so much death around all of us these days’.

There is something about the Autumn season that makes the reality of dying undeniable. For so many months of the year, we can focus on life and new life and then September arrives and the whole earth takes on a new look. I wonder if this new look gives people permission to surrender into death.

As scripture says: ”There is a time for everything.” As you watch the changes in our natural world, my hope for each of us is that we will have the courage to explore what parts of our lives are changing. Are there things that you need to let die? And are you willing to grieve their passing?

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