A Virtual Holy Week

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Guest Blog Post by Rev. Dr. Mona West

Often the word “virtual” is contrasted with the idea of “in person.” A lot of virtual activity is taking place these days with the social distancing required to slow the spread of COVID-19. People who observe Holy Week, Sunday, April 5 through Sunday, April 11 this year will need to find ways to do that “virtually” because churches are not holding services “in person”.  Many churches will be live streaming Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter services so that people who want to journey with like-minded pilgrims can do so.

When you think about it, all Holy Week services, in the history of the Christian Church have been virtual. Christians have re-enacted the events of those weeks, entering into their transformative power, without having been there “in person.”

Holy Week invites us deeply into the rhythm of transformation and these are some ways we at Eremos can make this journey together:

  • Make an altar in your home or in your yard and place something on it each day of the week as a sign of your intention for that day. As the week progresses, notice how each object relates to the other, creating a story of transformation.
  • Reflect on themes of transformation that arise for you from the events of the week as told in the Christian tradition. Focus on a particular theme for each day and spend time journaling about it, creating art, or spending time in quiet reflection.
  • In your home, or in your yard, create “stations of transformation” and spend time at one or all of them throughout each day of the week.

May the journeys we make toward Easter remind us that Divine Love has been let loose in the world and that all of creation is animated by it!

And, whatever your faith tradition, we invite you to pause at Noon every day through Holy Week, beginning this Sunday, April 5th, for five minutes of silence. You’re invited to read silently or express verbally this beautiful prayer for the world (you can also find a musical rendition of it on the internet):


May We Dwell in the Heart by Robert Gass


May I dwell in the heart

May I be free of suffering

May I be healed

May I be whole

May I be at peace

May all beings dwell in the heart

May all be free of suffering

May all beings heal in the heart

May we all be at peace

May you dwell in the heart

May you be free of suffering

May you be healed

May you be whole

May you be at peace

May all beings dwell in the heart

May all be free of suffering

May all beings heal in the heart

May we all be at peace


May we all come together virtually to offer hope and healing to all hearts, minds, and souls. Thank you for being part of our contemplative community without walls.

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