Advent to Christmas Joy

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A Refection from Sharon Dunn

We have the Advent season to anticipate Christmas Joy.  As I walk through this December, the hope of Advent seems to be even more needed.  This season offers witness to the power of God to restore and redeem, even in the midst of darkness and despair.  I turn on the news to hear about lying, deceit, corruption and bribery.  There is talk of infiltration by a hostile, foreign power.  Not long ago (maybe a year or two), this would have been unthinkable to most of us. Yet it feels like this has become the norm, although we know many that are horrified by what is being witnessed.

However, the hope of Advent means that we can work alongside God to repair the ruins, literal and figurative, in which we live.  Poets, prophets, musicians, and others through whom God works, are remarkable traveling companions to help us embark on this and find our way.  Let us remember our ideals and have hope.  We can look to the light, then stop and be with God in the here and now.  Let us step boldly into the rubble and create anew.

Contemplation, finding time and space to listen for the voice of God, can ground us in hope and equip us with the faith needed to continue.  The light will come and we can be there to welcome it!  

We are reminded of light coming through the darkness with the Winter Solstice, as well as Christmas.  Join us on Friday, December 21, as we recognize this turning of the Earth with candles, music and poetry.  Dianna and I will mark the arrival of the Winter Solstice at 4:23pm Central at the Eremos office.  We would love to have you join us in person or via conference call for an hour this Friday, 4:00 – 5:00 pm.  Details can be found here.

Step into the darkness and find the light within.  Celebrate this holy season with joy.

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