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Advent 2017 has begun.  Sunday, I sat in the silence of my heart and the quiet of Eremos before lighting our first candle of Advent. Memories of last year’s theme of “Sit in the darkness and it will reveal the Light” came to me.

This year is different.  I listened to the proclamation of the opening scripture reading and kept hearing “‘Watch”.  In that one word came an understanding of Advent that I had not previously considered.


Watch for the Light,

Watch how it slowly radiates warmth and gentleness.

Watch as the Light begins to fill the room with a glow that is silent and inviting.

Watch – just watch!


In watching a small candle, my mind and heart enfolded all the changes going on in our country.  Light has come into our world. Watch for its transforming influence in our world!

Local and national stories reveal:

  • The abuse of women in a way that cannot be hidden again;
  • People speaking up for the rights and justice for all peoples and our environment;
  • The FBI exhorting our political leaders not to act as if they have the full picture of anything, but to give time and space for the actual full investigation to bring the Light of truth; and,
  • Homes for the homeless and for those who have experienced human trafficking are now being built in the Austin area.

So many gentle lights are shining this Advent.  We need to step back and watch.

Advent watching in this way will necessitate an openness to seeing life differently.  It will ask us to let go of old thought patterns and old ways of struggling against the principalities and powers that fill our world.

It is not a matter of having an Advent Wreath as much as enfolding the world with Light and Love and watching what happens.

As we journey into this amazing season, watch for the miracles unfolding before our eyes. Notice the hope that befriends us and share with each other what we see—all because we have been watching!

May this Advent be a blessing for you and touch your heart with Light and Love.

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