Be open and listen.

 In Reflections

February can sometimes seem like the longest month.  Even though there are only 28 days in the month, the transition from January’s stark winter to March’s lively spring can seem to stretch to an intolerable length.  Add to that the chilly grey days that often come in February and the waiting seems longer.  Rather than drop into depression or lose yourself in avoidance, embrace the in-betweeness of this time.  Make time to sit in silence.  Be open to the silence and listen deeply to what arises from within your heart.  Welcome your impatience and let it sit with you.  Recognize your restlessness or sadness and let them join the conversation. 

This time of transition is necessary as we shift the gears of our seasons and our lives.  Sit with it, embrace it.  Let the voices speak.  Be open and listen. 

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