Being with The Divine

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“Living an enlightened life means respectfully engaging with what is and then doing your best to make what is next a bit more loving, kind, peaceful, and just.” ― Rabbi Rami Shapiro

How do we get through the relentless challenges of COVID-19 and the ugliness the chaos of this time is revealing in our world? 

The answers are likely varied for each of us. In addition to morning walks and silent pauses, I am seeking and finding more ways to consciously walk through my days with the Source of All That Is. It is that intention that inspired the idea of our new “Being with The Divine” series, featuring Rabbi Rami Shapiro on August 2nd.

Many of us are hungry for uplifting ideas and practices that help us sense God’s presence in what’s unfolding right now. And, we seek ways to help “make what is next a bit more loving, kind, peaceful, and just“, as Rabbi Rami so beautifully said.

If this intention calls to you, please join us online Sunday for what promises to be an inspiring conversation filled with wisdom, humor, and thought-provoking perspectives on how to be in the world right now, including using the contemplative practice of Passage Meditation.

May you be part of making our world a bit more loving, kind, peaceful, and just, as we evolve into what’s next.

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