Blessings to you this Thanksgiving

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“Be present in all things and thankful for all.” ― Maya Angelou

May you be blessed this Thanksgiving… with a home that is safe and warm, food that nourishes the body and spirit, connections with loved ones — even if only via Zoom or the phone — that remind you how loved you are, and moments of presence that take your breath away with the sheer wonder of the gift of life.

Thank you for blessing the Eremos community with your presence and engagement this year. We are enriched by you.

A Hopeful Offering

Early one morning,
when the birds were singing
I had another heart in me.

—8 year-old child

Note from Dianna: I was reminded of this poem when challenged to come up with a six-word description of what I was thankful for. Immediately the words “Birds still singing no matter what” came to me. What are you thankful for in six words? (Thanks to David Leonhardt in his New York Times November 20th newsletter, The Morning, for sharing this challenge originating from Larry Smith).
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