Blooming For No Reason

 In Reflections

“Our souls have always understood that everything is interconnected. And radiantly beautiful. And good.”
–Mirabai Starr

While out walking a week ago, I stopped to view irises blooming in an obviously untended bed in front of a house that has been vacant for months. Showing complete disregard for the lack of support or tending from anyone, these irises chose to bloom for no reason.

So many are feeling the tension rising over when and how to safely emerge from the pandemic, and despairing over the news about another shooting or the crisis at the border.

And still so many people are blooming. Whether it’s a trip to be with loved ones now that they are fully vaccinated or joyfully making plans for other events, people are finding hope and beauty everywhere.

I like to believe as Mirabai said in the quote above that “our souls have always understood that everything is interconnected.” So when one of us blooms, we help others move closer to blooming when they are ready. I know those irises helped shift something within me.

May you bloom for no reason and may your blooming enable people you’ll never meet to breathe easier, smile a bit more, feel peace in their mind and hope in their heart.

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