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Make the choice of love.

One of the benefits of taking time to stop and listen for the voice of God is that we can become aware that we do have a choice.  Before we step into habitual pathways of anger, depression, self-loathing or taking the easy way out, that conscious pause can make us aware that there is a different path if we choose to take it.

I have a friend named Michelle.  She has terminal cancer.  Her life has not been easy and the abuse she suffered resulted in drug addiction and poor life choices.  She could be feeling very sorry for herself, bitter and alone.  Instead, she chose to get clean, to use her skills to help others clean and repair their houses and to consciously love those around her.

As her cancer has progressed, even though she is relatively young, she is no longer able to live independently.  She is now living in a care facility, with a roof over her head and meals provided.  Her medication is managed by others.  Rather than lament that she is surrounded by people in much worse shape than she is, she has chosen to consider this a gift.  Michelle chooses to view her life as “in a monastery.”  She uses her time to read, study and pray.  She does art and exercises her body.  She walks the halls of her facility, intentionally seeing those who are often unseen.  She speaks to each person she meets and says a kind word.  She makes a point of going to breakfast and engaging in conversation.  On her door hangs a hand-lettered sign that announces Monastery of Monte Siesta.  Other residents know they can stop by to chat with her, share their concerns, ask for prayers.  She prays actively for the other residents.

Michelle is making a difference where she is.  She is choosing love and bringing love into a place that needs more of it.  How can you do that where you live?

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