In Reflections

Last year I was pregnant and gave birth to my son two days before Christmassaid a young woman anticipating Christmas.  She went on further and said “I now know in my body, heart and mind what we are celebrating”.

Love burst forth in an infant.  Love transformed people’s lives by affirming the simplicity and dignity of creation.  Emmanuel – God is with us, God dwells within us.  In the Christmas story, the hymn of creation celebrated the miracle of birth.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, take a moment to sit in the silence of wonder and awe.  The story of 2100 years ago is unfolding in our lives today.

God loves the world so much that God continues to make a home in us.

May you experience the simplicity and beauty of such a love as this!

We wish you all the blessings of peace, joy and love this Christmas!


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