“Console my people, console them says the Lord”

 In Reflections

As we enter the second week of Advent, the words of the Prophet Isaiah echo within the Eremos community.

“I am so torn with the sight of the military men and women returning from the wars in the Middle East.  All I can do is hold them close to my heart seeing the pain in their eyes,” says one woman.

Another wonders, “How can I speak Truth in Love without being judgmental and critical?”

And yet another says: “I am always seeking – seeking to delight in God, seeking to live fully the life I know I am called to live.  How can I serve more when I have so little more time to do anything?”

Each of these men and women are the instruments of grace in our world today.  They are the Christ being born to all of creation.  Comfort my people, God says.  Be the comfort of God in whatever way your life opens to that experience.

As I sit with the people who cross my threshold this week, I sit knowing I am called to compassion and to consolation that comes as a response  to make a difference in the world in which I live.

As you journey into and through this second week of Advent, may you discover within you the Christ this season awaits.

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