Contemplation? How do we talk about that?

 In Reflections

I was asked today, “How does one talk about contemplation? It is so hard to explain–especially for people who have no experience of it”.  As I pondered that question within the context of Eremos as a Center of Contemplative Life, I realized anew that contemplation is a gift of love.  God opens us to a way of living that is attentive to love through all the ups and downs of our lives.  Contemplation is a faith stance that acknowledges the sacredness of all of life and awakens us to be attentive to God within all of life itself.

It is so important to step back from the busyness of life so that we can truly be open to the Meaning of life.  We need to pause, to catch our breath so that we can breathe with the Breath of God.  Our universe needs reflections of Love.  It needs echos of the Beloved for harmony.  Truly contemplation is a way of living that is open and receptive. It truly is an experience of being loved into becoming all we have the potential to be.  It is God beholding us until we discover something of what God has seen in us reflected back to the world around us.

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