Creative Expression for Healing the Spirit

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“On a deep level, creativity is a practice of engagement with the chi, or life essence, that flows in and around us and through all things. It is a way of being more fully alive by attuning to the natural creative flow in the body and moving in the direction it inspires. If you recognize that you are part of the creative movement, you can begin to use this capacity in all you do to create a life that is infused with this vibrant energy.” ― Tami Lynn Kent, Wild Creative

Whatever your faith tradition, navigating this holiday season might feel like moving through an obstacle course.  Opportunities for sadness, grief, and disconnection at the losses of the year and uncertainty about the future arise daily for some.

We invite you to move through these tender days with creativity as a balm to your body, mind, and spirit. Let coloring a mandala, making Christmas cookies, walking a new trail in a new way, singing along — even with tears — to your favorite holiday songs, writing poems, and more give your soul room to breathe through any pain and open you to glimmers of joy this December.

We had no way of knowing what this December would be like when we invited Brooks Kasson to facilitate her creative workshop, Art, Play, Love, this Saturday. But I like to think Spirit knew. Whether you’re able to be with us or not Saturday morning, we invite you to let the healing power of creative expression help you safely, lovingly, and peacefully experience this unprecedented season of light.

May you open to Spirit moving through you and uplifting you this holiday season through the magic of creativity in its many forms.

P.S. Giving Tuesday is someone’s beautiful creative idea to stop the focus on buying gifts for 24 hours to support the nonprofits we love. Thank you to everyone who has supported Eremos this year. We are so grateful for you! We welcome your Giving Tuesday and Year-End donations, as we prepare for offering the gift of contemplation in 2021 and beyond. DONATE HERE

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