The Door to 2018 Has Opened!

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The pathway of 2017 has led us to the doorway of 2018.  For many of us, the wind of change has blown carrying us into the unpredictability of a new year.

In these early days of transition to 2018 we have heard stories of illness.  Some have been debilitated by the onset of the flu season.  Others grapple with cancer and the side-effects of chemo treatments.  Others grapple with the very Breath of Life.  Walk into any emergency room and you will find the vulnerability of what it is to be human.

Perhaps 2018 is a wake-up call for all of us. We have spent years focused on the work that is ours to do, the amazing advances in science, medicine, technology and even care for the earth.  Being focused has had a toll on our body, mind and spirit.

For those of us struggling with health issues, we need to open to a different rhythm of living.  To listen and respond will take us into new ways of being with ourselves, others and life itself.  For those in pain, we are invited to let our pain open us to experience pain that is part of our world.  For those confused by the unknown reality of life, it is helpful to be with a friend, spouse or perhaps an author who can walk with us through the unknown because they too have walked in the darkness and can share insights or metaphors to touch our souls.  These instruments of grace are God’s presence as we undergo all that life presents.

The door of 2018 has indeed opened.  Like Teresa of Avila, we will be led into many rooms within the mansion of our souls.  In letting ourselves be led, we will be transformed.  We will discover trust and wisdom in our bodies (our Incarnation) that God is truly with us and within us.

As you walk through your door to 2018, may you discover new meaning, new ways of listening, new experiences of the predictability of the Unpredictable we call God for truly, the door is into the very heart of God.

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