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This past Tuesday, I (Dianna) met with our long-time volunteer, Nancy Jewett, to begin sorting through the many quotes or writings we have from our founder, Jean Springer. We’re hoping to create a small book or even calendar that includes her wisdom.

During a lunch break, Nancy shared how in times of quiet reflection these past few months she has felt Jean’s presence. I smiled and said, “I feel her here with us right now.”

On the days our office volunteers were in, Jean and I did our best to make sure we were available to join either Nancy or Donna Herschleb for lunch at the kitchen table. Laughter was always part of the lunch break and this time was no different.

The location was now a folding table in our group room. The conversation was different because it was just two of us in physical form instead of three. But in our laughter and in our stories, I have no doubt we invited Jean to join us at the table in spirit. What a gift!

Transitions are hard enough. How blessed we are when we have moments of deep connection with the people, places, animals and experiences we miss so much to ease the time of loss and transition. Whether they come to us in dreams or quiet reflection, in goosebumps or shivers while we’re talking about them, or in the ways we bring them to life in memories shared, we’re given a precious gift to help us navigate our way forward. We’re given a reminder that their love is ever present.

In the spaciousness a slower summer pace creates, is there someone or some experience you might daydream about or share stories of to ease a transition you’re going through?

A small group of us gathers each month on the 20th at a local restaurant to make a toast to Jean, share stories, laugh, and remember. Tonight, we’ll be at Abuelo’s in south Austin at 6pm. Join us virtually if you can’t be there in person. Or, consider creating a similar gathering to honor someone you’ve lost or to remember a past experience with joy.

May you feel the presence – the essence – of loved ones around you, supporting you, and guiding you when you need it most and when you least expect it.


P.S. The image chosen honors Jean’s love of clouds and the flowers represent the love she shared.

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