Everything Belongs: A Reflection On 2020

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And so we have come to the end of the year of the pandemic.  This is a dark time of year, as we approach the Winter Solstice.  Even as the days are short and darkness comes early, the world is turning to the light.  Even in this darkness, there is a promise of the light to come.

We have been plunged into anxiety and worry during this last year; yet, even there we found hope.  We’ve seen the fragility of our democracy and the resilience.  The dark days preceding the election have given way to confidence in how the process proceeds.  We have a glimpse of the return to a trust in our government and our governing officials.  There is work to be done and we all have work to do.

As Richard Rohr says, “Everything belongs.”  The light is promised in the darkness.  Hope can be found in the depths of despair.  Love and grief are intertwined.  We want to be in the warmth and light, but there is richness and wisdom to be gained by embracing the cold, darkness and despair.  Rather than turning away from the pain, refusing to acknowledge the sadness, stepping into that dark door can reveal treasures of experience and relief that cannot be found any other way.  Emergence rather than denial is a well-earned gift. 

You’ve done well to hang on to hope through this challenging year.  Let us walk together into a whole-hearted experience of all the future has to offer.


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