“…the entire fabric of our lives is woven together with God’s life. There is no moment, no hour, no day when God is not with us.”
–Mary C. Earle


What a wonderful, joyful celebration of our 25th Anniversary at our Silver Linings virtual Fall Gala!

2021 Gala Program

~ 6:15pm ~

Join us on Zoom for our popular virtual cocktail party! We’ll move into small “breakout rooms” to catch up – just like we would at our in-person gala.

~ 7:00pm ~

Welcome to our Silver Linings 25th Anniversary Virtual Gala!

~ 7:05pm ~

Limpias Espirituales (Spiritual Cleansing Blessing) offered by Velma Garcia (pre-recorded).

~ 7:10pm ~

Eremos from the Beginning with Colleen Mehner, our first Board President.

~ 7:15pm ~

Sharon Dunn, Spiritual Director, speaks about Eremos and our future.

~ 7:20pm ~

Celebrating 25 Years in the Time of the Pandemic, a short film, featuring: Judy Shepherd, Becky Davis, John Fassnacht, and Kathleen Davis

~ 7:35pm ~

Author and retired Episcopal priest, Mary C. Earle shares her thoughts on the wisdom of the Desert Mothers and poetry from her book, Did You Sing Your Song.

~ 7:45pm ~

Eremos’ 2022 Program Theme and Scheduled Events shared by Kathleen Davis and Dianna Amorde.

~ 7:55pm ~

Austin Celebration Raffle Winners selected and announced by Sr. Mare Angele Sanchez.

~ 8:00pm ~

Closing Benediction offered by Rev. Ed Wilder.

Thank you to our Gala Sponsors!

Seraphim Sponsors

Kathleen Davis Parker & Paula Jameson


Archangel Sponsors

Sharon Dunn & Robert Prentice

Donna Herschleb

Jane McFarland

Barbara Schutz

Judy Shepherd

Kim Soechting



Angel Sponsors

Martha K. and Lee Grant

Wanda Holcombe

Alice Lottes

Beverly Straub


Cherub Sponsors

Karen Cotton

Deborah Franke

Emily Haeussler

Ellen Jockusch

Janet O’Leary

Sheila Slevin

Ellen Sullivan

Ed Wilder


Special Thanks to Our 2021 Event Sponsors

Kathleen Davis Sponsor of Book Reflections and Living on the Edge of the Unknown

Sharon Dunn and Robert Prentice Sponsors of Wild Mercy for the Earth

Thank you to Our Gala Volunteers!

Gala Committee

Lynn Ahrens, Dianna Amorde, Kathleen Davis, Marissa Faris, and Deborah Franke

Guest Speakers

Velma Garcia, Colleen Mehner, Sharon Dunn, Mary C. Earle, Kathleen Davis, Sr. Marie Angele Sanchez, and Ed Wilder


Andy Choquette of Strategic1dentity

Congratulations to Our Austin Celebration Raffle Winners!

Grand Prize: Kathleen Davis, First Prize: Lori Fechner, Second Prize: Kim Soechting.

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