Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day!

In my early adult years Father’s Day was a special day for letting my father know I loved and appreciated him.  But in the years since his death I have felt a need to see the day through a different lens.

In my search for more meaning for this holiday, I came upon a note about its origin here in America:

In 1907 the Monongah Mining Disaster killed 361 of which 250 were fathers, leaving around 1000 fatherless children.  A Methodist Minister was asked to honor all those fathers on behalf of the grieving children.  It took years to spread outside of West Virginia, but as you know, it’s widely celebrated now.

As I pondered this history, my heart went to all the fatherless children of our time and the men whom they called father or dad.  Men who were killed through wars or random shootings, through accidents, drug addictions, or illness and their children who still grieve their loss.

My heart also filled with gratitude for the men in our country who are devoted to their children and welcome the expression of love and appreciation those children offer on Father’s Day.

To all fathers, we pray you experience a day of honor and celebration.

Happy Father’s Day!

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