Finding Your Center…

 In Reflections

“Stillness is what creates Love. Movement is what creates Life. To be still yet still moving—that is everything.”

–Do Hyun Choe

Take a deep breath, focus on your beautiful, beating heart, and return to center. Some variation of this statement is often used by spiritual leaders, instructors, or therapists to bring us back to a place of calm, where peace and inner wisdom reside.

Another contemplative approach is to pick something in nature or in your home or office that captures your attention and focus on it. Placing a gaze of love or respect upon something awakens a sense of reverence and brings you—without thinking about it—to that center within.

We are entering an intense time this summer. If you’re troubled by the latest pandemic news, the challenges to voting rights, the brutal fires and heat in the west, and more, then finding center is vitally important. To reclaim your peace and act or move from that place is to give the world and yourself a great gift.

If you’re focused on the blessings in your own life, please revel in the joys of summer. We need your bright, joyous light to act as a soothing balm to troubled hearts.

May you find the peace, power, and wisdom within your center is only a breath and a moment of focus away.

Prayer for a Quiet Mind and an Open Heart

Teach me
to set aside all thoughts of this and that,
to remain centered in the heart,
remember God, and let the rest flow past
to make a still breath or holy song
such company as to fill the day and leave behind
the endless chatter, clatter in the heart

to be open to the slightest pulse
of Light felt there and, beginning now,
to see God in all and everywhere.

John Fox


“Nothing is insignificant, and everything worthy of respect and care. Nothing is second-class. What God has made is of value.”
– Paula D’Arcy, from Gift of the Red Bird
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