God is Reaching Out for You.

 In Reflections

So many of us spend time searching for our “purpose.”  We seek “God’s will” for our lives.  We long to be “on the right path.”  As we live our lives in this quest, what often comes to us as an answer is not “what,” but “how.”  While this realization does not have the satisfaction that our thinking mind desires, it can rest gently in our hearts. 

These questions are what we ponder at Eremos.  We don’t offer concrete, step-by-step answers, but instead invite to you to join us on the journey.  Come away from the noise (even in your own mind) and rest.  Listen in the silence to hear the voice of God.  We offer poetry, book studies, workshops and quiet.

I’d like to share the writings of a participant in the Eremos community.  Mary Gallagher is a writer who lives in the Austin area and joins us on this journey.  Please enjoy her words of wisdom on God’s One Big Plan for Your Life. 

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