Growing Up

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Eremos was ‘born’ as a Texas nonprofit on May 8, 1996. The dream of our founder, Jean Springer, came to life thanks to her tenacity and the vital support of women and men who were inspired by Jean’s vision.

As we celebrate our 22nd year, Eremos has been challenged to “grow up” and move out of the home we’ve known for most of those 22 years. Like a college graduate embarking upon a new life, Eremos is moving on to the next phase of its journey.  We’re feeling the same uncertainty and excitement about what awaits us. Added to these normal feelings that come with change is the grief we’re experiencing for the loss of our founder. It heightens the intensity of the uncertainty and dampens the moments of excitement, yet the invitation to “grow up” remains.

Often with growing up comes the necessity for more responsibility and a desire to prove oneself – to “make our mark” out in the world. The temptation is to plunge in and move through the awkward phase of change quickly to get to the place where we feel in control and can act like we know what we’re doing.

As a Center of Contemplative Life, our desire is to slow this transition down as much as possible and be present to what these changes mean for our future. This means lingering in the uncertainty and the uncomfortable position of not having clear answers for longer than we might desire. We’re taking the time to listen to where Spirit is calling us individually and collectively in our new reality.

Jean’s passion and gift was spiritual direction. Sharon Dunn, our new spiritual director, and I (Dianna), with the support of the Board of Directors, are approaching the beginning of this new year in the life of Eremos as a profound experience of spiritual direction. We are listening to hear Jean’s wisdom in the silence. We are listening to God’s call for Eremos in the words and ideas of our community and in the aha’s we experience.

What are you embarking on this summer? Where in your life are you being asked to graduate and challenged to grow up?

Is there benefit to slowing down as you move in a new direction? We invite you to take time to listen for whatever messages of wisdom await you in the silence and in the slow, thoughtful conversations that occur when you set out to listen.

Eremos has a new home, a new spiritual director, and a new future. We are growing up. We are listening. May you listen in these beautiful days of May to where spirit is calling you. The next phase of your journey awaits!


Congratulations to all of the high school and college graduates this month and next! Best wishes for a joyous new adventure.

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