Harmony and Balance on the Autumnal Equinox

 In Reflections

“I am listening to the wheel of the year turning, to the cycle of the seasons, to the call for harmony and balance. I am listening to the circle of life. I am listening.” – Joyce Rupp, from The Circle of Life

Sometimes we miss the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox in Central Texas because it often still feels and looks like summer. As if she knew we needed the reminder of this day of harmony and balance, Mother Nature brought us cooler temperatures and hints of fall this year.

Joyce Rupp’s beautiful words also remind us this time of the turning of the seasons is a good opportunity to pause to listen. Perhaps listening to an autumnal breeze can clear away what no longer serves you and open you to new possibilities.

Or, perhaps this is a time to welcome new rituals to lift you out of a depression or lessen the grip of anxiety. In her reflection yesterday, Elota Patton shared how rituals like counting our blessings can help us through these days.

However you’re feeling right now, may you let the arrival of autumn bring you into sublime moments of harmony and balance.

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