I Believe We Can Make A Difference!

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Like so many people, I have been wondering how we can all heal once a new president is elected. With such a divided country, some people are going to be disappointed, frustrated, and perhaps disillusioned at a minimum. Others will be excited, hopeful, and ready to celebrate.

How does a contemplative organization respond to the need for healing and reconciliation at such a time as this?

This morning as I sat in prayer, a phrase came to me. When I searched on the internet, I discovered in utter amazement that it was written on a cellar wall in Germany during the time of the holocaust:

I believe in the sun even when it is not shining

I believe in love even when I don’t feel it

I believe in God even when he is silent.

In pondering those words, I came to understand our role as contemplatives is to BELIEVE in the presence of God even when we may not see, sense or feel that presence.

These past two years have shown us just how divided our country is.  We have seen the anger and fear that underlies so many expressions of resistance. We have also witnessed the hope that something can change and many look for someone who can make that change happen on a national level.

For people immersed in the horror of a concentration camp to proclaim those amazing words “I believe even when…” has to tell us something about the hope, courage and strength it takes to live within the chaos of life while believing in the Goodness within life itself.

Yes, these past two years have shown us that seemingly insurmountable divisions exist within our country.  We now have a choice to make.  We can be instruments of healing or capitulate to the fears, angers, and hostility that are part of our reality.

Our calling is to believe in humanity as God believes in us.  We are a resilient people.  We are creative people.  We are relational people.  We need to believe in each other and we need each other to grow this country into what she can become.  God has blessed this land and we are called to live into that blessing wherever we are.

Let us be a blessing for one another and receive a blessing from each other as we work for reconciliation and healing.


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