Is It Time to Wonder?

 In Reflections

In talking with people recently vaccinated, I’ve noticed their outlook on life has shifted. Vacations and long-imagined visits with family are being scheduled or at least explored with excitement.

Yet, so many are still playing a waiting game, concerned about when they’ll have a chance to be vaccinated and whether or not others will remember the need to wear a mask until enough of us have received the vaccine. And, of course, we can dive deeper into worry if we want to… Will enough people get vaccinated?

Maybe it’s time to hit the pause button on our concerns and wonder. Just wonder about what, when, and how the vaccine, the pandemic, and our lives will unfold.

Perhaps “wondering” can help us bridge the gap between those brimming with excitement and those anxious, restless, or frustrated. When we wonder our mind relaxes and compassion for self and others, possibilities, and even solutions can come in.

May you pause to rest in the silence and open to the inner gift of wondering. And may the excitement of those vaccinated spill over to those not-yet to help them imagine the possibilities…

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