It Echoes All Over the World

 In Reflections

” Every time you love just a little
Take one step closer, solving a riddle
It echoes all over the world.

Every time you opt in to kindness
Make one connection, used to divide us
It echoes all over the world.”

– Dar Williams, partial lyrics for her song, Echoes

Dar Williams’ song, Echoes, reminds me of how powerful small acts of kindness, prayers, and simple steps to make a difference are in creating a better world.

What if there were more positive things happening around the world than you can begin to imagine or that the news would or could ever choose to report?

My heart fills with gratitude and radiates hope as I imagine people I’ll never be blessed to meet speaking kind words to strangers, watering parched trees, saving abandoned animals, working to make sure everyone has a chance to vote, or offering a prayer for peace.

May you remember your small acts of kindness and justice echo around the world and inspire more acts of kindness and justice than you can begin to imagine.

P.S. The image above is of Echo Point in New South Wales, Australia. What blessing or prayer would you shout out into the world from that place?

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