It is Easter

 In Reflections

As I gaze out into the beauty of a soft sunny day in Austin. I hear the song of birds excited to be alive, calling to one another with messages so intense that only their ears know the meaning. I walk in grass that only a few weeks ago was brown and stiff from the winter’s cold. I am drawn into the flowers that are budding with expectation of a full life. And I remember last night’s full moon so clear and vivid against the darkness of the night.

It is Easter!

Like all of creation, our souls can no longer be held bound. All of life calls us to live fully into the moment as we are drawn by the intensity of Life. The early ‘church fathers’ taught that God became human that we might learn to become divine. Easter celebrates this event in the Christian tradition and our souls proclaim ‘yes’! We have a story of what it is to be fully human. We see someone live his life with all the intensity of passion – of a love that knows no limits. And we have a story that tells us that no matter what the suffering, pain, disillusionment, abandonment suffered in our human relationships – life does not end there. Jesus was raised and so shall we.
I am in such a privileged moment in time. I am like the men and women at the foot of the cross watching the death penalty in action. I am like the disciple John, listening to the pain and agony of people who know their end is near. I am like the women going to the tomb to care for someone they loved only to find confusion in the unexpected. How do you tell people something that only experience can explain? ‘He is Risen’

It is the song of all creation, it is the song of our life journeys, it is the song of my heart and soul. I pray it will be your song as well.

May the blessings of new life in Easter Joy be yours!

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