It’s a Miracle!

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“Nobody could love me like Tom does” was a remark that set me to reflecting on the miracle of marriage.

As I sit with people who have been married ten, twenty, thirty and even forty years I am in utter awe and amazement.  Living with someone day after day, struggling with all the challenges of home and family and profession, leaning upon each other through the hard times and the joy-filled times is to witness something beyond anything that is understood with the mind.  It is a miracle!

As I listen to the unfolding story of those who have been married for years, I hear the Spirit within each one.  It is the Spirit within one encountering the Spirit within the other that draws the love relationship into existence and sustains it through all the years. I often hear “I want him or her to be what I want and yet I know there is more than ‘what I want’ that is the glue holding the marriage together.”

Marriage is truly a grace.  It is the soul of the couple joined together in Love and through all they experience are a witness to others the ‘height and depths, the length and breadth of what people are capable of because of Love.

June — the month of weddings, hopes and dreams, new beginnings and celebrations — is a lovely time to ponder our commitment to live a lifetime of love.  May each of our ponderings open us to a re-commitment to the One who calls us into this marvelous dance of loving others out of how we have experienced being loved.

It is a miracle!

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