It’s Easter!

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The trumpet-shave sounded, the bells have resounded, songs have been sung and all around people have felt joy, peace and blessing. It is Easter!

As I sat in church for our Vigil of Easter listening to the readings of our history, listening to the prayers of hope and expectation I could sense why this celebration is so essential to the Christian faith – it is a matter of faith which transcends any amount of reason. He is Risen indeed!

People came forth for baptism, people were anointed with the Holy Spirit and the church was filled with joy in the new members of the community. In each of these new members and those of us who have been part of the faith community for any number of years, there was a sense of Love so profound that all one could do was proclaim: He is Risen, indeed, Alleluia!

But the message could not remain in the church nor only in our Spirit-filled celebration. We needed to go out into the homes and cities from which we were drawn. We needed to live the resurrection of Christ within our personal lives. For a moment, it felt so simple, so possible, so powerful. For a moment, we were all One in Christ and we felt that overwhelming sense of oneness. And for a lifetime we are called to live out that awareness one day at a time.

It is Easter! May each day find you standing in hope and joy as you experience the Risen Christ in you and in all those whom you encounter.

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