Joy to the World!

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eremos-christmas“We are going to have a baby” proclaimed a neighbor some months ago!  You could see the joyful anticipation of this young man who could not contain his excitement.  In his proclamation I could feel my heart expand with my own anticipation of another child born for all of us.


“What would this child become?” I felt my mind ponder this over the months of waiting.  “What would the world be like when he/she would walk the neighborhood?”  “What would the world ask of this blessing?”  “What would become of his/her parents in the journey through life with this new child?”


And so the months of waiting passed and “It’s a girl” the proud father shouted!  My heart soared with gratitude that she had at last arrived and both she and mom were well.  So off I went to buy a few gifts to welcome this precious child to our neighborhood and our world.  For surely she had been long anticipated and my heart kept singing: “Welcome to our world!”


This story has gone on forever.  A child is born, a son or daughter is given to us and the sacred story of Christmas is lived over and over again.  Like Jesus, each child is given to us to make a difference in our world.  And like Mary, we too ponder the wonder of birth in our hearts.


It is Christmas!  The world looks a little bit brighter, a little more loving, a little more hope-filled because new life comes. 2100 years ago a child was born and his birth, life, and death continues to be proclaimed because we are captivated by his story.  As you enter into the celebration of Christmas this year, gaze at the children in your homes, your neighborhoods and across the country.  These are the Mystery of God coming to us anew.


They are the proclamation of Emmanuel – God is with us!  And our heart’s song in response is

Joy to the World the Lord has come!”

 May your celebration of Christmas be filled with joy. This is our prayer for you and for our world.


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