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“So when hurt or afraid or confused, when feeling urgent to find your place on this Earth, hard as it is, wait…and things as you fear them will, more often than not, shrink into the hard irreplaceable beauty of things as they are…of which you have no choice but to be a part.” 

― Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

As the need to socially distance, wear masks, and limit simple pleasures like dining out continues with no immediate end in sight, restlessness can grip us.

Patience becomes a vital necessity and not just a nice virtue. Mark Nepo so wisely points out that “Fear wants us to act too soon. But patience, hard as it is, helps us outlast our preconceptions.”

What have you been telling yourself you just can’t take anymore? Or, wait anymore for? Perhaps lovingly ignoring that voice and just waiting could bring “the hard irreplaceable beauty of things as they are” and moments of blessed peace.

May any restlessness you’re feeling be soothed by the wisdom of waiting and the gift of patience. And, if you abound in patience and peace right now, may you send out to the world prayers that all beings be blessed by these gifts.

P.S. We’re blessed to receive the perspective and wisdom of two gentlemen this week to help us navigate this ever-changing landscape we find ourselves in: Doug Fritzsche will speak on “Letting Go of What Normal Looks Likeon Wednesday at Noon in our Summer Interlude Series and Scott Van Camp will share thoughts and practices to help us move through these days with grace and compassion in In It for the Long Haul this Saturday. Please join us!

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