“Let My People Go”

 In Reflections

As I ponder the events of this past month, I hear the words of Scripture proclaimed anew: “I have seen the miserable state of my people and have heard their cry to be free of their slave-drivers. Let my people go.” Exodus 4

Our world is changing! People who have lived in darkness have indeed ‘seen a great Light’. Inspiration is again filling people with imagination, courage and hope. As one of my colleagues blogged: ‘Our 9/11 consciousness is born of a few empire and tribal extremists that is imposed on the many. 2/11 consciousness flows from the synergy of millions with the power to root out a dictator…’

Each of us can be spiritual dictators. We can become so secure in our beliefs that we become oppressed by our certainty. We can build systems of thought so tight that we make demands on ourselves and others—in effect creating personal slavery. We can be so overwhelmed by past wounds that we stay stuck in old patterns. And like so many of the synergetic movements we are watching on a global level, there comes a time when we awaken to the irresistible moving of the Spirit. At times it can feel like a ‘Mighty Wind’ and at other times it is like a ‘Gentle Breeze’ but the stirring creates a synergy that necessitates we change our orientation to life itself.

I hear people speak of being tired of reacting to old tapes and wanting to live freely. I hear others talk about needing to let go addictions by living out of what these addictions are covering over. I hear others beginning to dream new dreams and envision new possibilities of a life without fear. And I keep hearing the Spirit inviting each of us to step into the freedom of living who we have the potential to become by letting go what we have been trying to live out that really is not us at all.

There is a universal movement toward Freedom. It is both individual and societal. It is both interior and exterior. We are being invited to discover its movement within us and within our world. The Spirit is truly ‘moving all over the land’! The challenge for all of us is to keep sight of the Spirit in this process of transformation.

“I have heard the miserable state of my people and have heard their cry to be free.”

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