Memorial Day

 In Reflections

In some cultures, placing flowers on the graves of relatives who have died is still part of ‘Memorial Day’.  They remember, give thanks and bring beauty to honor them.

But for most of us, it is a custom long abandoned.  Ours is a culture of striving toward the future while forgetting that the future is born out of the past.

For me this year, Memorial Day has taken on a whole new meaning.  With the thousands of people killed violently and at times buried secretly, I am aware there are no markers for them as in a cemetery.  No one has brought flowers to honor their life nor their death.

Yet, the earth receives them and holds them in her heart.  The flowers sing of beauty as they blow in the gentle breeze remembering all the years of violence that have marked her face.  They did not die unnoticed.

Memorial Day this year is an invitation to transcend our futuristic culture for just a moment.  Gaze at the flowers and be reminded that no violence can destroy us ultimately. The God of all creation holds each person and embraces all in mercy.

Please join me in a moment of remembering this weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Blessings!

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