Moving into the Future with Eremos

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Eremos has been a busy hive of activity this past week.  The weekend was full, with Paula Loring’s Journaling Grief workshop and the Sisters of Diversity meeting on Saturday and our Open House on Sunday.  Many of us gathered, grieved, feasted and enjoyed each other’s company, as well as enjoying the welcoming spaciousness of our new offices on Bee Caves Road.

We are still in grief for Jean’s passing.  Rather than throw a shadow across our activities, we feel her smile and calm energy as we discern the path ahead.  Small gestures can bring her presence to mind and it feels like a blessing to miss her.  Some have begun to move beyond the loss and others are still reeling from her absence.  Join us as we build a community of support to mourn Jean’s leaving us and to move ahead together from this strong foundation that she left behind. 

Dianna and I, along with the Eremos Board, are committed to a listening, discerning stance as we move into the future.  We are looking at past offerings, locations and programs to see how to shape the coming days.

We need to hear from people like you who have interacted with Eremos, through Jean or in other ways.  We do not want to move quickly into new programs or new directions for Eremos, but to contemplatively encourage this precious community to come together to discern our path.  We are trying to reach out with listening sessions and meeting with groups to hear all the voices that we can.  Please help us by adding your insight, your pain, your joy and your vision to our discernment.  Call us at 512-276-2649 or email your thoughts at

Even as we take this slowly, we are moving ahead with programs and offerings as they feel right to us.  Quietly, calmly, contemplatively, we offer opportunities for silence, listening and contemplation throughout the hot Texas summer.  Please join us.

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