Moving Slowly

 In Reflections

“I have walked with so many people through the valley of darkness in grief and know there is another side.  One can only go through each moment as it finds you. — Jean Springer

After such a stressful week for so many Texans and others impacted by severe weather, it can be tempting to strive to make up for lost time and pack in lots of to-do’s this week.

Our invitation is to resist that temptation and move slowly. Even if only from the stories of others,  you likely suffered the trauma in your body and psyche.

In the wisdom of founder Jean Springer, “one can only go through each moment as it finds you.” So, don’t push or rush, meet each moment where you are and let a walk or rest in the sun work its healing magic upon you.

May you trust that all will get done as it needs to when you honor the pace your body, mind, and spirit call you to in each moment.


Remembering Jean

“Peace is beholding the Divine in our world even when the world seems to be falling apart.” — Jean Springer
Featured here with her brother Gary at our 2017 gala, our founder, Jean Springer, passed three years ago on February 20th, 2018. Many of us feel Jean’s spirit with us through the challenges we’ve faced. Thank you, Jean, for continuing to shine your light upon the Eremos community.
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