November’s Wisdom

 In Reflections

We slipped into November so quietly.  The Oak Trees have dropped their acorns, the days of light have become shorter, nights have become cooler and November is here with her wisdom!

There is something mystical about the gentle flow of this season.  It is an affirmation that in the midst of life’s changes, there is a quality of Presence that moves us to the depth and breadth of our souls.

It is a movement that invites us to pause and gaze at the night sky a little longer.  It asks us to walk a bit slower, attentive to the changes of life. And, asks us to listen to the silence that holds the heartbeat of God.  It is a breath of healing for our tired souls.

As we honor the movement of the season, a gift that arrives is a grateful heart.  We are grateful to be alive to life and grateful for the life we are given to share.  As the gratitude flows into love, we find the energy to dance, sing, laugh, play and celebrate life.

And into the midst of November’s wisdom comes a blast of cold artic air raging out against a small faith community in Texas.  26 people killed and many injured — lives blown away like the autumn leaves still on our trees. A town comes together to hold each other, to cry, to grieve and to resolve that this devastation will not destroy them but rather unite them in the bond of love which permeates this town.

May the gentle quiet of November prevail and lead you into new experiences and expressions of a love that cannot be contained. And, may you find in November’s Wisdom an invitation to encounter the still small voice within your heart and soul.

From the music of David Kauffman we hear these words:

Be Still my love know that I am God

The mountains shake, the waters roar

The valleys tremble with fear.

And yet our strength our refuge sure

Whispers in our ear.

Be still my love, know that I am God.

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