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Each of us at one time or another has wondered what happens when we die.  Listening to people who engage that question, most say they are not afraid of death but rather the dying process.  Their lack of fear seems to stem from their faith: in God, in Christ, in the possibility of reincarnation, in the naturalness of life, in the ‘Emptiness’ that they have lived into.  Whatever individuals believe about death, this transition from October to November is a time when many cultures remember and honor those who have died.

For many of us it is a moment when we remember people who have been significant in our lives.  It is a time to symbolize their significance and express our love and gratitude for what whey were for us, and continue to be, part of whom we are and what we do.

The other evening the men in our Men’s Contemplative Support Group were invited to be present to people who have been personally significant for them.  Parents and relatives were the first they recalled, but it went on to others who had made a difference in their lives. We could feel the ‘communion of saints’ fill the room with a love that does not die.  This was so palpable that it was difficult for me to speak.  Sometimes silence is the only response appropriate to such overwhelming Love.

In the days since that experience, I have found myself allowing different people who have loved me and who have died, pass through my awareness.  It has been a visit from so many, and with each visit, their energy is always that of love touching my soul.  How could I not respond with a smile from deep within?

Especially at this time of year I feel the focus on those who have died helps me remember that they are free.  Free to love with a love that is truly unconditional.  They are free to be present in ways they were not able to be present.  For me, they are in the Heart of God and become channels of God’s loving grace for us.  Our focus on them collectively creates a synergy that truly melts the veil and we are consciously one with them again.

May your journey through this sacred season be a blessing through those who have loved you in and through their death.

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