Out of the Blue

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One of the purpose statements is that we offer people an opportunity to step back from the busyness of life and contemplate the Source of life. ‘Out of the blue’ came an invitation to facilitate a retreat for Marie Angele and Ann Francis at a condo in Port Aransas. I accepted the invitation truly wanting to be present to them as they step into a new decade of living. There were no other thoughts than this.

As you may well imagine, the retreat was a total gift to me. Early morning Tai Chi on the sandy beach, walks in the water as it rushed to caress my tired limbs, meals generously prepared and night swims in the pool ebbed and flowed like the waves of the Gulf punctuated by retreat input and reflection.

God is a God of surprises and this one has filled my heart to overflowing.

In one walk along the beach, I was horrified by the trash left from late-night gatherings. I began picking up bottles, cans, and paper. Just as I was feeling depressed by the overwhelming task, I looked up at the sun beaming through gentle clouds and felt Beauty calling me to attention. We live in a world that is impacted by sin and evil, but it is also a world blessed by Beauty. I continued my trash collecting and was joined by Marie Angele who was also attempting to restore the beach to its natural beauty. Suddenly trucks arrived to clean up the beach for the day. One man said: ‘We’ll be back again tomorrow, for it is always like this’. My heart was sad for a moment at the dishonoring of the earth when my ears were filled with the roar of the Gulf waves and I saw the cloud-filled sky and knew it is not just one dimension of life that returns each day, but Life itself returns and regenerates all that is.

I hope you also get an invitation ‘out of the blue’ to step back from the busyness of your life and behold the Source of life in ways that speak to your heart and soul.

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