Reconnect with Your Breath with Sandra Bravo

 In Return to Center

Hello, my name is Sandra Bravo, and I am a licensed professional counselor in Austin, Texas. 

I’d like to invite you to this bell meditation today, and if you feel comfortable, I invite you to close your eyes and listen for the number of times I tap the bell. 

There is no reward and no punishment if your number matches mine. This is just an opportunity to take a break from what is happening in your life to feel grounded and reconnected with your breath. 

And so with eyes closed or open, we shall begin. 

And if your eyes are closed, I invite you to blink them open, bringing your awareness back to this space.

If you’re curious, I tap the bell 19 times. 

And so take a moment to thank yourself for taking care of yourself and may peace be with you the remainder of your day.

Sandra Bravo, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, Texas, is a past directee of Jean Springer, Founder of Eremos.

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