Seasonal Rhythm

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At last, we can feel that the earth has shifted on its axis and we are beginning to move away from the heat of summer. Our bodies enjoy the cooler temperatures, our minds react to the shifting light. We notice the light comes later each morning and leaves earlier each evening. All things pumpkin are displayed in stores.  The slow rhythm of the seasons is felt. Take time to notice the changes around you. 

There are annual celebrations that occur in the coming months. Halloween will be celebrated in a few days. The Day of the Dead and All-Saints Day will be close behind. There is Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah and Christmas. Each of these holidays has rituals and routines. They can be celebrations, but they can also bring stress and/or loneliness. 

I’d like to invite you to join me in bringing contemplation to this season. Jan Richardson, an author that we often quote, offers an Advent “Online Journey into the Heart of Christmas.” This shared experience offers three emails each week, with written reflections, questions and blessings by Jan. Artwork and music are woven throughout for your reflection. There is an optional online forum if you choose to engage with others during this time. Find out more here. If there are at least 8 people who are interested in joining me, we can offer Eremos group pricing. Would you let me know by email (sharondunn[at] if you would like to add this to your seasonal rhythm?  

Eremos joins the seasonal celebrations by gathering together as a community at our annual Gala. This year, our Bright Lights celebration is on November 14th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel. You can register to join us or find out more information here.  I hope you’ll choose to join me at the Gala and for the Advent Journey.

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