Shared Roots Live Longer

 In Reflections

“Walking among them, touching them, listening to their creak and sway, I could feel their connectedness. Above ground, aspen grow as individual trees, but below ground they’re enlivened by one interconnected set of roots.” – Mark Nepo

Eremos began 2020 with the theme: Interspirituality and Compassion for Self, Others, and Earth and Mark Nepo’s words “Shared roots live longer“*. Little did we know how important this need for compassion and underlying connection would be.

If you’ve wondered how you’ll make it to the other side of this election, or to the day you’ll feel safe to meet and hug in person with no masks, then consider the wisdom of the aspen.

Reach out today to a friend with an old-fashioned phone call. Make eye contact with a stranger on a walk or in a grocery store. Smile, even if they can’t see it behind your mask. I bet they can feel it or notice how the corners of your eyes crinkle with that smile. What a gift you’ve given!

If you’re intrigued by the wisdom the trees around you have to share, consider joining Cathey Capers for Writing Our Relationship with Trees One-Day Poetry Retreat (no experience writing poetry is necessary) this Saturday. There are a few spaces left.

May you notice the trees around you today and may you pause to feel your connection to them and their wisdom. (Then, pick up your phone, make a call, and surprise someone with the beauty of your voice!)

*The Aspen Grove essay is featured in Mark Nepo’s book, More Together Than Alone, pp. 15-17

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