Something other than fear…

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“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich wrote these words at the beginning of the 15th century, in a world that had been decimated by the Black Plague. She offers us these simple words of hope when everything seems to be crashing around us. We will get through this particular passage. Panic is not needed. Instead, it is time for a calm head and a warm heart. And regular hand washing and doing what is best for our public health. Being cautious is not an act of fear, but one of responsibility. As a community, we can help each other.

Get good information. Don’t rely solely on social media or what someone else tells you. Find good information sources. If you do go to social media, consume it in small doses. Social media feeds on our fear and anger, plus there is a lot of misinformation too. Smart people around the world are working on this.

Some of the best things to do are exercise, eat nutritious food, sleep well, read and practice a lot of silence. Another perspective would be to embrace this opportunity to become more comfortable with the gifts that silence and solitude have to offer. Return to your spiritual practice. It is almost always best not to immediately react to your emotions. And your emotions are in a heightened state! Stop and take time to breathe. Get social support, go for walks with friends, talk on the phone and live in today. Hold your plans and schedule lightly. Practice gratitude. Find small beauties that make you happy and take time to enjoy them. I see the flowers pictured above in my front yard daily. I’ve begun a practice of taking the time to stop and notice.

Hope, trust, support, silence, breath, beauty–practice something other than fear.

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