Still Enough

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With our 25th Anniversary approaching (May 8th), I find myself pausing often to consider this gift of contemplation Eremos has been offering for so long.

Our invitation to stillness — in whatever way is right for you — comes out of the wisdom of our founder Jean Springer in understanding what Macrina Wiederkehr speaks of in the quote above.

I find my nine years in this community strengthening my ability to sit in silence without looking at my phone, picking up a book, or seeking out conversation.

This past weekend I drove out to Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg, walked the trails, and then sat at a table outdoors slowly and silently eating my lunch in gratitude for following the inner guidance calling me to go there to refresh my spirit. How does the gift of contemplation support you right now?

May you take time this week to be still enough to hear, sense, or witness the presence of the Holy One.

I was listening to a recording of a flowing stream of water. There were no words and no musical accompaniment.

In those few moments of total relaxation, the world was whole, the drama of these past months faded into the past.

–Jean Springer, Founder and Spiritual Amma of Eremos.

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