Take Good Care

 In Reflections

“Slowly I realized that in doing something for my own well-being every day, I was not being selfish. Instead, I was deepening my own capacity for continuing to learn, teach, and work with others here and now, to make a difference that I could feel in work with others.”
– Rhonda V. Magee

Your light in this world matters. Every prayer offered, vision held for a better world, and kindness extended to another makes a difference.

Yes, a lot is being asked of each of us right now. So, take good care of yourself.

What act of self-care can you do today and every day to help you move through these intense days?

May you be reminded by the Divine in delightful ways how much you matter and how worthy you are of tender self-care. May you bravely carve out time for the self-care rituals that sustain you.

P.S. THIS Thursday we have the opportunity to be with Rhonda Magee, the author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice. Her work on bringing mindfulness practices into the often difficult conversations on racism is profound. Please join us!

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