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We have come so far from that first ‘Thanksgiving Day’. Inspired by the fruits of the earth, people gathered in gratitude as they anticipated another harsh winter.

This year, our homes have been devastated by tornados, flood, and a typhoon. Lives have been swept away by monsoons. Friends and family members have been lost to cancer and wars rage across the earth. Are these the signs of the ‘last days’? we ask. How can we stop and give thanks? How can we not, I ask.

Once again, we respond to the cries of people who have no homes, food or water. Clean-up from the mud and mold is orchestrated by young and not so young people helping salvage what they can for people who have so little. And people seriously ill receive support from medical staff and friends and families.

We are a people of compassion and mercy. We are a people of gratitude and thanksgiving. It is one thing to give thanks when life is gentle and affirming, it is quite a different experience to say thanks when life challenges fill our minds and hearts.

Today we stop and give ‘thanks’ to God who touches us through all that touch us. We give thanks for all the little moments that open our eyes to glimmers of hope within each day and night.

As we pause and give thanks, may our hearts be filled to overflowing with the gratitude this day invites us to experience. May you truly have a…

“Happy Thanksgiving Day”

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